Redanse Studios was started by Aparajita Burjwal in April 2017, for one sole reason - to bring artists together as one community. In her introductory video, she mentioned all the problems that plague the dance industry today, but the biggest problem of all is lack of community. There is no common platform where dancers can come together and talk about their problems, experiences and expectations. Where upcoming artists are given equal opportunity to showcase their talent and an audience is keen to watch. Improvement starts with dialogue and unfortunately, there is none within the dance industry. Everyone is simply trying to claw their way up without thinking where exactly they're going. 


At Redanse Studios, we believe in bridging the gap between a student, a teacher and a choreographer. We provide a space where an individual can be all three, and still have more to explore. We have open classes, as well as regular batches. We also continuously host workshops, intensives and studio performances - and accept applications for the same all year round. 


There are a lot of big plans in the pipeline to help further this cause, and in due time they will all be a reality.